Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stitcher's Stone

While at breakfast this morning you overheard a most curious conversation between Headmistress Hopeless and Deputy Headmistress Mel.

Mel: is it true?
Hopeless: is what true?
Mel: That the Stitcher's stone is real.
Hopeless: Well yes, of course, it is real, a great many years ago I helped the sorcerer Alowishus acquire it.
Mel: Where is it now?
Hopeless: Safe I'm sure.
Prof. Screwy: (snickers) Knowing Alowishus is it at the bottom of one of his many WIP piles!
Prof. SugarNanna: (chuckles) No, Screwy I am sure he probably stuck it on one of his thousands or Ort Jars!
The group moved away from where you were sitting...  What in the world is the Stitcher's Stone?

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sorting Quiz!

1.     You have picked out a beautiful design to stitch, what fabric do you pick?
1.     14 Count - White (1pt)
2.     18 Count  - Hand dyed (2pt)
3.     28 Count - You custom Dyed it (3pt)
4.     40 Count - Hand dyed (4pt)
2.     You have decided you want a new start what do you pick?
1.     Joan Elliot (1 pt)
2.     Chatelaine (4pt)
3.     Country Cottage or sampler (2pt)
4.     HAED or some other large design (3pt)
3.     It is Thursday Night, CSIF is having their weekly hangout do you....
1.     Join the live hangout to chat and stitch (4pt)
2.     Watch the hangout via YouTube and chat with everyone from there (3pt)
3.     Watch from YouTube but don't participate in the conversation (2pt)
4.     What is a hangout? (1pt)
4.     There is a stitching emergency!  You were all set to start a new project you have everything you need but one color of floss, what do you do?
1.     Race out to the craft store to pick it up. (2pt)
2.     Pull up 1-2-3 Stitch and order the floss and a Few other items (4pt)
3.     Pull out your stash and find an alternative (3pt)
4.     Wait until the next time you are at the store and pick up the color.  (1pt)
5.     How many WIPs do you have approximately?
1.     One WIP is my limit! (4pt)
2.      No more than 5, I swear that is my Limit.... I hope (2pt)
3.      Somewhere under 100, you can't make me count!!!! (3pt)
4.     It's over a 100 and I am proud of it! (1pt)
6.     You need to set up a rotation, you have a goal to finish at least 1 WIP a month for all of 2017 how will you set up your rotation?
1.     Rotation, who came up with that hair brained idea?  (1pt)
2.     I work on what calls me that day, I have one project I try and work on each week. (4pt)
3.     I have a rotation of sorts and try to stick to it. (3pt)
4.     I have a regimented Rotation with detailed plans for each week. (2pt)
7.     It is your day off, you have the house to yourself.  You have set up your stitching supplies and have settled down for a nice day of stitching.... some hours later you realize you are very hungry, what do you do?
1.     Grab some snacks and a beverage to munch on while you stitch. (2pt)
2.     Fix yourself a snack with that won't stain your fabric. (3pt)
3.     Grab a snack while taking a break and bring back a drink in a closed container.  (1pt)
4.     Eat or drink anywhere near my stitching? I don't think so! (4pt)
8.     Headmistress Hopeless will be checking your project what will she find?
1.      1/2 inch border one side, front legs all go the same way, that is what we need right?  (1pt)
2.       2-inch border all the way, the stitches are all uniform, she isn't checking the back right? (2pt)
3.      3-inch border all  around, the stitching is uniform, and the back is mostly good (3pt)
4.      My projects are pristine as always!  The back looks as good as the front, as it should be! (4pt)
9.     If you had your choice what would you do with a kit?
1.     I always follow the directions carefully  (1pt)
2.     I follow the pattern, but if I make a mistake I don't worry too much about it. (2pt)
3.     Follow the pattern?  I just make it up as I go.  (3pt)
4.     I will replace the fabric with what I like, and change out the floss for silk. (4pt)
10.  You were shopping at the local thrift store and found a partially finished project what do you do?
1.     Interesting but not my style so I'll leave it there. (1pt)
2.     What a lovely project but it might be missing something (2 pt)
3.   I'll pick it what a lovely project I shall take it home and give it some love! (3pt)
4.     I don't shop at thrift stores. (4pt)
11.  Headmistress Hopeless has just announced a surprise SAL!!!
1.     I don't really do SALs  (1pt)
2.     I'll take a look at it if I have time I might do it. (2pt)
3.     I can't click the Join button fast enough. (3pt)
4.     Not another Freaking SAL!!! (4pt)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitchwhat's Weekly Newsletter

Hello everyone,

So this week we are traveling to Stitchwhats, on various forms of transportation, be it the train, flying car, or tardis.  We will all be arriving at in the town of StitcheryDo.  Once we reach town, everyone will need to think about how they want to finish this leg of the journey.  You can either ride the enchanted boats across the lake to the school.... Might be a great way to meet some mermaids as they patrol the lake. Or see the hydra who also lives in the lake. You can also take the horseless carriages through the enchanted forest, you could see unicorns, dragons, werewolves, and any other number of magical creatures.  Once we arrive at the school, the sorting will begin.  I know everyone is very excited to be sorted into their houses and start their stitching journey with the school!  I know the school and all of the faculty will be pleased to have new students!  I have heard that there are a great many exciting plans in store for everyone in the coming year!

                                                                        Headmistress Hopeless

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome to Stitchwhats!

Congratulations Stitcher, 

I am happy to inform you that you have been granted acceptance into Stitchwhats! A very prestigious Stitching Academy.  Here at Stitchwhats you will take classes such as; Potion Making (Dying), Defense of the Dark Arts (Frog avoidance), Charms (Beading), Transfiguration (Pattern Modification), History of Magic (Specialty Stitches), Herbology (Specialty Fibers), Astronomy (Sparkle thread and Fabric).

If you accept this invitation you will, of course, be sorted into Houses.  Here at Stitchwhats we have the following houses.

Satindor -  home to the brave and intrepid stitchers who will meet every challenge. 
Froggin - home to the sly and sneaky stitcher who will look for every shortcut and maybe try and play a dirty trick on the other houses.
Rhodesclaw - home to the intelligent stitcher who chooses their projects and battles wisely.
Pufflestitch - home to the studious stitcher who follows the directions precisely at all times.

 The School will be opening on October 1, 2016.  Reserve your bed now!  On October 31st the sorting ceremony will begin!  Stitchers will be sorted into one of the four Stitching houses.  Once Sorted into your House you will be given the password to the House commons for that house.  Each week Houses will earn points towards the house cup.  The house cup will be awarded Quarterly.  Points will be awarded for participation in the group events and challenges.  For example, is you complete a weekly challenge you will earn your team 5 points, If you complete a Monthly challenge you will earn your team 40 points.  If you join a Hangout and participate (you tube or live) you will earn your team 50 points.  SAL Participation will earn 10 points. There will also be special challenges though out the year. 

To accept this invitation to attend Stitchwhats you will need to join the facebook group Cross Stitch, It's Fun and follow the instructions given there.

                                                                               Headmaster Hopeless

Supply List

1 enchanted Needle (your preference on size)
1 pair embroidery scissors
Cauldron (fabric dying)

Text Books
Patterns of your choice
The Cross Stitcher's Bible (recommended, NOT Required)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stitching School???

When we last visited, our friends; Samual Satindor, Freddrick Froggin, Rhonda Rhodesclaw, and Petunia Pufflestitch were thinking of opening their very own enchanted stitching school... But what to teach???  Satindor wanted to teach creativity and daring stitching, Rhodesclaw felt it was essential that stitchers learned the foundations of stitching, Pufflestitch, wanted stitchers to try new things and have fun.  Froggin felt that it was essential that stitchers learn to use only the finest of materials, and except only perfection.  Satindor, Rhodesclaw, and Pufflestitch did not agree with Froggin.  Enchanted stitching is about more than perfection and the quality of your materials.   The four friends decided to compromise, as all wise stitchers would surely do.  The school would offer classes in all of their areas.   Stitchers wishing to join the school would need to be sorted some how in to groups.... But how to sort these stitchers?  That was a new problem that the four friends must tackle now  So we will leave our friends stitching by the fire.  Each was now stitching what would become banners for the groups of stitchers that wished to follow the ways of Satindor, Froggin, Rhodesclaw, and Pufflestitch.  Can they finish these banners before the school opens?  Can they solve the puzzle of how to sort the students that would want to come to their school?  We will have to check back soon to see what they have come up with!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Newsletter

Long ago....

There were four talented stitchers, who were fast friends, Samual Satindor, Freddrick Froggin, Rhonda Rhodesclaw, and Petunia Pufflestitch.  One day the four friends were sitting around the parlor with their stitching when Satindor said, "You know we should start a school to teach young stitchers how to use their stitching powers."  The other three thought this was a marvelous idea.  But what should we teach these new stitchers?......

...... To be Continued.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Today is the last day of the Stitchlympics!  I hope everyone had a lot of fun with all of the events.  We hope to have the medal's announced by the end of the week.  We had several people complete this week's Challenge of getting a finish.   So this week the weekly Challenge will be a game of Floss Bingo!   No new SAL's this week, crazy I know but have no fear the crazy is coming back soon!  We do have our regular hangout on Thursday Night.

Next week we have the Fantasy SAL on Thursday (Sept. 1)  We also have a Paula Vaughn SAL coming on Sept. 6.

Now for a sneak peak at what is coming next year.  For the next few weeks, we will be giving Hints for a big announcement that will be coming November 1st. So here is this weeks teaser!

Like a challenge?  Have you liked the team events this summer?  Want to play  fun games while stitching and chatting with your friend?  Keep reading the weekly newsletters for more hints and the big announcement!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good, Better, Best ~~Remembering my roots

Just the other day I was sitting among my stash and watching Flosstube. What? You don't do that? Anyway, like I said I was sitting among my stash, watching Flosstube. I was admiring how varied our community is.

It got me thinking about my first steps into the world of stitching, granted they were a long time ago but I made them none the less. I still to do this day remember the very first kit I ever stitched. It was the goose ornament. Any other early 1980's stitchers other there remember that one? What I am trying to get at with this is the needle this kit came with. I thought it was soooo coool that I had my very own needle and didn't have to borrow my mother's. I kept that needle for years; so long in fact most of the finish had been eaten away by the oils in my hands. It wasn't the best needle but it was a good needle; it got the job done.

Then came the day when I moved away from kits and started selecting pattern, fabric and threads as individual items. The lady at the LNS helped me with everything and even included a free pack of DMC needles as her gift to me. She advised me to start with a new needle. I did and wow just wow. I was blown away by how much those needles were better then what I had been using. I was proud of my little pack of needles. I abandoned my first needle and committed myself to only using DMC needles.

Fast forward a few years (more than that.....more than that.....ok stop), I had just broken my third needle in one day while working on my HAED. I turned to the message board to see what I could do. Someone ( I honestly can't remember who ) posted about needles and talked about different brands. I had never heard of these brands. So to Google I went. I was able to order a pack of Bohins from 123stitch. These needles rocked my world! I couldn't believe the quality of these needles. I was in love.

Now I know what you are saying, "hurry up get to the point already!". My point is this. There was nothing wrong with the needle I started with, in fact I still use kit needles from time to time. I was able to move up with my quality of needles in time and as funds allowed, but that didn't make me any less of a stitcher. We all start somewhere and we all start within whatever budget we have at the time.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekly Newsletter for the Week of August 14th - 20th

It is that time of year again.  I will be returning to class for my last year.  I will be preparing for student teaching this semester, thus I will largely be unavailable once again.  Where did the summer go?  This has been a busy month already for the Admin team, and we hope that things will settle back down to normal soon.    We have some very big plans for next year that we are very excited about.  we will be announcing them in the 4th quarter of this year.

Happening this week:

Stitchlympics will be wrapping up this week.  With the final award Ceremony being published the following week.  he Weekly Challenge is back, and this time we are going for a finish!  We will also be having the Stitchy Hangout Thursday night.

Stitchylympic Medals so far!

Stitchylympics Medals For the 15 Minute Sprint 
1st Place: Aphrodite
2nd Place: Ares
3rd Place: Demeter

Stitchylympics Medals For the 3 hour Marathon
1st Place: Aphrodite
2nd Place: Ares
3rd Place: Demeter

Stitchylympics Medals For the 30 Minute relay 
1st Place: Aphrodite
2nd Place: Demeter
3rd Place: Hera

Stitchylympics Medals For the Javelin Stitch
1st Place: Apollo
2nd Place: Aphrodite
3rd Place: Dionysus

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Keys to the Universe!

Alright to most this isn't really the key to the universe but to stitchers everywhere it is damn near close.  That ever elusive French Knot. No other stitch can send even some of the most seasoned stitchers running in fear. I have to admit that I only recently figured out this stitch (and I've been stitching for 30+ years).

When I was a new stitcher looking at the instructions that came with the new kit I was working on a french knot looked easy; I mean you just wrap the thread around the needle and pull, right?! I mean what is so hard about that? Then that darn little knot (if it even formed a knot) pulls right through to the back of the fabric..........(insert swear words here and getting the "look" from your mom). Due to that experience I avoided french knots for years; 28 to be exact. Meanwhile my sister had mastered the french knot, even the colonial knot (learning candlewicking will help you with that).

So now that you know a little of my history with the knot, let's get to those keys.

The first key is tension. You need to keep a firm tension on the thread, if you are starting a new strand you need to keep tension on the thread tail on the back as well. Also don't release the tension until right before the stitch is finished. And stop pulling on the thread the moment you feel the knot "pull back". Don't yank on your thread.

The second key is thread length. Don't work with too much of your thread. I only use a couple of inches near the fabric. You should use enough to get two to three wraps around your needle and have enough to easily insert the needle back into the fabric.

The third key is speed. You can't speed through this stitch. When pulling through to make the knot you need to pull with a steady even speed. Not to fast, not to slow, steady.

The fourth key is placement. I know, I know the instructions tell you to go back down into the same hole you came up in. Well they lied to you! My best knots have happened when I went down just a little bit away from where I came up. On Evenweave this is just the next hole over, on Aida you may have to split the threads.

The fifth and final key is practice. I'm serious. Practice. Grab that scrap piece of fabric, thread a needle and get started.

I hope these keys will help you master this stitch.

Happy stitches and keep those needles moving!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tour de Stitches wrap up

 First I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us in this event.  In total, we had 66 stitchers who participated on the 8 teams.  I would also like to thank the Team Captains for all of their help!  The goal of this years event was not only to count stitches but also to make new friends. I hope that everyone enjoyed the event and from the looks of it everyone got a lot of stitching done! Now the counts are in and have been tallied!

Team scores:
1st Place : Team Aphrodite  with 206,442 stitches.
2nd Place: Team Apollo with 166,769 stitches.
3rd Place: Team Demeter with 130,573 stitches
4th Place: Team Zeus with 120,728 stitches
5th Place: Team Ares with 105,613 stitches
6th Place: Team Dionysus with 89,143 stitches
7th Place: Team Hephaestus with 84,284 stitches
8th Place: Team  Hera with 75,547 stitches

Individual scores:
1st Place : Susanna Rosencrantz with 89,773 stitches
2nd Place: Fatema Yahya with 74,633 stitches
3rd Place: Cori Jodoin with 65,285 stitches
4th Place: Christine Hennesey with 38,073 stitches
5th Place: Carol Eckert Strawn with 33,221 stitches
6th Place: Virpi Rantakangas with 30,920 stitches
7th Place: Amy Lafferty with 29,318 stitches
8th Place: Mary Perry with 28,832 stitches
9th Place: Tiffany Peterson with 28,764 stitches
10th Place: Charity Mannix 22,692 stitches

Over the entire event, 979,099  stitches were stitched!  That is approximately 815 skeins of floss! That is almost 3.7 miles of stitches!  Togeather we stitched enough stitches for complete 11 mini HAEDs or 2 full size HAEDs!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Newsletter for the week of July 26th

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is the last day of Tour de Stitches.  I hope everyone has enjoyed this event as much as I have.  It is pretty amazing the amount of progress that can be seen on everyone's WIPS.  I would like to thank everyone who participated in the event.  I would also like to give a special thank you to the Team Captains for this event; Monique, Amy, Kathy, Christine, Heather, Brenda, and Susanna.  Thank you very much  your help made this event that much better!

This Weeks news

  • The weekly challenge is to see how close you can get to 1000 stitches in yellow. 
  • Monday, July 25 we have Christmas in July, so break out that Christmas project you have waiting in the wings.
  • Wednesday, July 27 starts Sweet Summer Escape.   The idea is to celebrate the end of summer and the last few days of vacation.  Start some new projects and/or work on all those WIPS.  On my blog Wonderfully Hopeless, I have put up my plans for Sweet Summer Escape.  

On the Horizon

  • On Sunday, July 31 we have Book Club. The book this month Crewel World by Monica Ferris.  This book features Cross Stitch, so is the perfect book for a book club in a cross Stitch group.
  • Monday, August 1 we have the Nature SAL as well.
  • We have two weeks before the Stitchylympics so everyone can take much-needed break before that kicks off. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


What is a champion stitcher to do?  The Stitchlympics are for the brave stitcher, who wishes to challenge themselves in an effort to be considered truly a master stitcher! Come and test your stitchy metal along with other stitchers!  Stitchers will join teams to compete in the games!  Below is a list of events teams will compete in.  We hope that you will join us for this exciting event.  The event will run from August 5th through August 21.  You must be in the facebook group Cross Stitch, It's fun!  You must also join the event on that group Stitchlympics no later than July 31, 2016.    From there you will be assigned a team.   We hope to see you soon!

Day One: Opening Ceremony
  •  Stitch for an hour, count your stitches and send it to your team Captain. 
Day Two: 15-minute Sprint
  • Ready, Set, Stitch for 15 minutes and then count your stitches. Send your Stitch Count to your team Captain. 
Day Three : 3 hour Marathon
  • Stitch for 3 hours and count your stitches. Send your Stitch Count to your team Captain. 
Day Four: 30 Minute Sprint Relay
  • Stitch For 30 minutes and then count your stitches. Send your Stitch Count to your team captain. The team Totals will be combined for this event.
Day Five: Javelin Stitch
  • Stitch with your opposite hand for as long as you can and then count your stitches and send them to your team lead.
Day Six : New Start Marathon
  • See how many new projects you can start in one day. To count as a new start you must put in 50 stitches in each project. (pictures will need to be posted of each new start) 
Day Seven: Specialty Stitches
  • How many different Specialty Stitches can you do?  Points will be awarded for each different Type of specialty stitch.
Day Eight: Bobbinating
  • Wind bobbins for 10 minutes (no electric power) Count how many bobbins you finished and report to your team lead.
Day Nine: Go For Gold
  • Stitch with something Sparkly (krinik, blending filament or metallic) for 2 hours. Count your stitches and report them to your team captain.
Day Ten: Beading
  • Stitch with beads for 2 hours. Count your beads and report how many you completed to your team captain.
Day Eleven: Blind Stitching
  • Wear a blindfold and stitch for 5 minutes. Count your Stitches and post a pic. (we recommend using a scrap of fabric)
Day Twelve: Stitching Marathon
  • Stitch till you drop time. This will be both a team and personal event. Stitch as long as you can. Posting a before and after picture. Send your stitching time to your team captain.
Day Thirteen: Stitching Gymnastics
  • Stitch on as many wips as you can. 50 stitches each wip. Send your count to your team captain. This will be both a team and personal event.
Day Fourteen: Stitching Triathlon
  • Must stitch with three from the following list (Silks, satins, hand dyed threads, Pearl cotton, Krinik, metallic, blending filament, beads, or whisper threads) Count your stitches at the end of the day and report to your team captain.
Day fifteen: Blackwork
  • Stitch on a Blackwork project. Count your stitches at the end of the day and report to your team captain.
Day Sixteen: Rings
  • Stitch a Circle in a full coverage project with 10 x 10 blocks. This one should be started on day one. Post pictures of your completed circle.
Day Seventeen: Closing Ceremony
  • Stitch on what you like for one hour. At the end of the event count your stitches and send it to your team Captain. We will Post a Total count of how many stitches were accomplished as a group.
  • Write Post
  • Add Photo / Video
  • Create Poll

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How we get it all done.

Hi all! It's time once again for Tip Tuesday!!

As you have seen Charity, myself and the rest of the MOD Squad have been deep in the planning trenches getting ready for 2017. There are a lot of SALs and events planned for next year; I bet you are all wondering how do we keep it all straight?

Not an actual picture of mine but pretty close to what it looked like,
Well for me in the beginning it wasn't easy. I did the post it method. My desk, computer, and work area (I even started to encroach on my husbands desk area) was covered in post it notes.

When I got more involved with helping Charity plan for the group my post it note ode to Andy Warhol got bigger and more confusing. I started missing SALs, and let's not mention how many appointments were all of a sudden "spur of the moment" because that post it had been covered by another.

Charity's Happy Planner and desk calendar 
One morning I was hanging out with Charity and she told me about this new planner she was now using to help keep organized with everything she had to do for school. And lo and behold the Happy Planner entered my life. I did have to wait to get one from when she told me about them until the new 2016/2017 were in stores.

Front of my Happy Planner with an owl cover made by Charity
  Isn't it just the cutest?! This lovely, amazing, super customizable little jem has made all the differnce. Gone are the days of missing anything. The best part is it is 18 months so not only do I use it for the group but also for life in general. No more "Hey mom today is the field trip" morning greetings for me!
Example of a layout, yes this makes sense to me
 Most of the layouts that we use are freebies and if they are not freebies Charity makes them. She has even created stickers that we use to keep daily group things on schedule, like Tip Tuesday, WIP Wednesday and the like. They come in very handy for the Daily Topic.
 And that explains the mystery of how we do it all!!!!! Ooooohhhhh what's this? A bit of future planning for 2017?!
And so it begins!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Newsletter ( July 17 - July 23)

Good Morning everyone,

This is going to be a busy stitching week in CSIF.  With the Monthly Challenge, and weekly challenges running. We also have Tour de Stitches going on.  Teams have flying needles!  The progress being made on many projects is amazing.  The Grand Total is 567,830 stitches made by all the teams so far.  To think we aren't even done yet!  This week we will also be introducing another weekly hangout, on Wednesday's  during the day which should be a better time for our European stitchers. This timeframe will be on a trial basis for a few weeks, we may have to tweak.  We will, of course, be continuing the Stitch N' Bitch hangouts on Thursday nights.  All needle craft is welcome!  This week we have the Penguin Sal in honor of Cori's Birthday.
On the Horizon!
    We have several things on the Horizon that everyone should check out!  Next week we have Christmas in July, this is a SAL to start or work on a Christmas project.  We also will see the start of Sweet Summer Escape, this event marks the end of summer.  We also have Book Club next week, the book that is going to be discussed features Cross Stitch so I encourage you to check it out.  As you can tell there will be plenty going on next week in the group.

   A little further out, we have the Stitchylympics!  This event will be in August, primarily there are various events to count stitches and some fun silly events to go with.  The same teams that are competing in Tour will be in the Stitchylympics.  We encourage people to check it out and if you are interested we will make additions to teams after Tour.

Last week we announced a special SAL for Veterans day.  This event will start on August 11 and will run until November 11.  The Idea is to stitch something for a veteran or a veteran's group, charity, or home.  This event has been inspired the veterans who we love and respect in our lives.

Not a member of CSIF (Cross Stitch It's Fun)?  We are found on Facebook ( )  and always happy to have new members!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2017 CSIF Sals!

This is the list of sals for 2017 so far!  Yes, there will be more.  Stitch as many or as few as you like and wips do count!  

  1. Do you want to Stitch a Snowman? - Stitch something with a snowman in it
  2. I Wish I was on a Beach right now? - Stitch something with a beach theme
  3. Stitch your HEART out - Stitch something to show your love
  4. Love Bites - Subversive valentines Sal
  5. The Birds! - Stitch something with Birds in it or something Alfred Hitchcock inspired.
  6. Pretty in Pink - Stitch with Pink
  7. Ravishing in Red - Stitch with red
  8. Meliciously Hopeless - 7 new starts in 7 days
  9. All Glitters is not gold - Pull out that project with metallics or krinik (glitter shit)
  10. Green with Stitches - Stitch in green or stitch something for St. patties day
  11. The Hangover - Time to finish that project you started last week.
  12. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - Stitch what makes you happy
  13. Mary had a little Lamb - Stitch a lamb (sheep)
  14. Attack of Frogs! - Time to ward off those pesky frogs.  Stitch a cute little frog.
  15. Stitch a Chick - Stitch a baby bird...  easter them maybe?
  16. Chip'n Dale - Stitch something a risqué or stitch the Disney characters. 
  17. Meet you at the Maypole - Stitch a maypole... or something that makes you think of may
  18. The Cali lily's are in Bloom again - if you get the quote you will know what to stitch... (look it up)
  19. No more wire hangers! - if you don't know google it :)  
  20. Kitty! - if you have every been around a 2-year-old you know everything is a Kitty!
  21. Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday. (John Wayne) - Put meaning to the words for you.
  22. Good Morning Starshine the earth says hello - Put meaning to the words for you.
  23. Take me out to the ball game - Baseball theme
  24. You know Ward, you were a bit hard on Beaver last night? - look it up (father's day)
  25. Ode to the Bard - Stitch something Shakespeare-inspired.
  26. The Eagles are coming! - Stitch an eagle or stitch something Hobit inspired.
  27. Keep your HAED's about you - Pull out that HAED or start a new one!
  28. Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bears, picnics.. what's not to love
  29. the Unseen - Put meaning to the words for you. (what do you want to unsee)
  30. Bow down before me! - Stitch something that makes you feel like a King or Queen... Everyone should feel like royalty once in a while.
  31. Dog Days of Summer - Dogs or summer or long dog sampler...
  32. To the Lake! - Lake view?  something you do at the lake?
  33. Horsey! - another homage to our inner child stitch something with a horse or do what the two-year-old is and call your project a horsey for a week :)
  34. Back to School Again! - Stitch something that makes you think of school... or get an early start on teacher appreciation gifts...
  35. Ode to the Working Man - Stitch something in honor of Labor day.  pick a pattern about your profession or the profession of someone you wish to honor.
  36. Harvest of Stitches - Harvest theme!
  37. I've got a lovely bunch of Pumpkins  - Pumpkins!
  38. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! - pumpkins or Halloween, or even Charlie Brown
  39. And I Jack the Pumpkin King! - Halloween!
  40. The lovely corpse Bride - Halloween!
  41. Coraline Jones - Halloween
  42. Zombie Stitchplypse - Time to break out the scary stuff... or hurry to finish that Halloween project
  43. This is Halloween! - What the heck!  start another Halloween project or just finish up the ones you already have going.
  44. Land of the Free because of the Brave - Stitch something for those that have served the military.  Family, Friends, or something for a veterans charity.
  45. I'll See you in December (Fractal) - Fractal
  46. Gobble, Gobble - Turkey time
  47. Baby, its cold outside - Christmas!
  48. Winter wonderland - Winter
  49. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - Hanukkah
  50. I'll be home for Christmas - Christmas
  51. Merry Christmas? Who needs sleep. - let's finish up those Christmas presents!
  52. Do unto Others (Charity SAL) - Pick a Charity to stitch something for.