Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stitcher's Stone

While at breakfast this morning you overheard a most curious conversation between Headmistress Hopeless and Deputy Headmistress Mel.

Mel: is it true?
Hopeless: is what true?
Mel: That the Stitcher's stone is real.
Hopeless: Well yes, of course, it is real, a great many years ago I helped the sorcerer Alowishus acquire it.
Mel: Where is it now?
Hopeless: Safe I'm sure.
Prof. Screwy: (snickers) Knowing Alowishus is it at the bottom of one of his many WIP piles!
Prof. SugarNanna: (chuckles) No, Screwy I am sure he probably stuck it on one of his thousands or Ort Jars!
The group moved away from where you were sitting...  What in the world is the Stitcher's Stone?

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