Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stitch What you Love SAL

We would like to announce a new SAL  for anyone who would like to Join.  It is really simple, Pick something you LOVE!  whether it is a WIP you are currently enamored with or that Project that is screaming for you to start it, or maybe you have something you want to do for a special person in your life.  What ever makes you feel all warm and happy inside!  Pick up that project and Stitch on it for this SAL.   The Start Date is September 6th.  Post your progress where you like when you like.  Instagram and twitter :  #crossstitchitsfun #crossstitchitsfunsal #stitchwhatyoulove

Monday, August 17, 2015

2016 Sals

The Admin Team is proud to present the SAL and start dates for 2016. Most of these SALs were voted for by the group. We are sure this list will get longer but for now here it is. In the near future these will be added to the calendar with further information for each SAL.
Date Sal
1/1/16 Lavender and Lace
1/2/16 HAED
2/1/16 Coffee, Tea or Me
3/1/16 Little House Needleworks or Country Cottage
3/6/16 Freebie Chatelaine
4/1/16 Disney
5/1/16 Owls
6/1/16 Books
6/4/16 Teresa Wentzler
7/1/16 Around the world
8/1/16 Nature
9/1/16 Fantasy
9/6/16 Paula Vaughan
10/1/16 Ink Circles
11/1/16 Misery Loves Company (UFO)
12/1/16 Stitch from Stash

Bullying and cliques in stitching.

I have seen many videos and comments about bullying and cliques floating around the stitching community recently.  While I am sad to hear that there is bullying and cliques in the community, I also realize that these things are human nature.  It is up to members of the community to stop these behaviors.  You can choose to NOT participate in behavior that leads to these issues.  Treat people in a manner in which you, yourself want to be treated.  This is a rule that I try to live my life by.  I try to be as inclusive as I possibly can especially with the stitching group, and everything in this community.   If every person in the community were to take a step back and think about what they do and say to other people  then the community would be a better place.  We need to be supporting people and trying to include as many people as we can.  Now let's all get back to the important part of our day, Stitching!!

SALs, Facebook, and other Social media

As many of you know Cross Stitch it's fun is a group on Facebook.  As I have said from the beginning of this group we welcome any and all participation in our SALS and Events.  The group has a # that can be used on the various social media SALs #crossstitchitsfun .  You can show your progress on Flosstube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or where ever works for you.   Stitching is supposed to be an enjoyable Hobby, social media is optional as always. 

SAL Rules

Ok, Just a brief explanation for all of the SALs and their rules. I created the SALs for fun! Most of them are meant to be Small projects to give us a break from all of the large projects. They also give people who are new to Cross Stitch a chance to try new and different things. Some of them are meant to Challenge all of us to get out of our "comfort" zones when it comes to stitching. I want to try new things in 2015 and I know many others have said they do as well! I am excited to try all of these things and hopefully have some of you trying right along with me  
Every group has their own rules and not everyone will like them but that is something each group must figure out for themselves. I am not a big rule person as I think you have all probably figured out by now so here are my rules for the Stitch A Longs (SAL) Let me know what you think! I am always open to feedback.

Here are my SAL
  1. Have fun! (hangouts increase the amount of fun possible)
  2. If they are designer specific pick something from that designer. (Wips are fine)
  3. If they have a General theme Pick something that represents those themes for you. (Example: if you don't celebrate Christmas do something for your belief system) Yes Wips are fine! See Rule 1.
  4. Start on or around the same time as the rest of us. (no I am not monitoring this nor do I care if you start early or later… See Rule 1)
  5. No you do not have to finish it by a Certain time. (I'm not that crazy cause if I make the rule I have to follow it!)
  6. And once again see Rule 1!!!