Monday, August 17, 2015

2016 Sals

The Admin Team is proud to present the SAL and start dates for 2016. Most of these SALs were voted for by the group. We are sure this list will get longer but for now here it is. In the near future these will be added to the calendar with further information for each SAL.
Date Sal
1/1/16 Lavender and Lace
1/2/16 HAED
2/1/16 Coffee, Tea or Me
3/1/16 Little House Needleworks or Country Cottage
3/6/16 Freebie Chatelaine
4/1/16 Disney
5/1/16 Owls
6/1/16 Books
6/4/16 Teresa Wentzler
7/1/16 Around the world
8/1/16 Nature
9/1/16 Fantasy
9/6/16 Paula Vaughan
10/1/16 Ink Circles
11/1/16 Misery Loves Company (UFO)
12/1/16 Stitch from Stash

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