Monday, August 17, 2015

SAL Rules

Ok, Just a brief explanation for all of the SALs and their rules. I created the SALs for fun! Most of them are meant to be Small projects to give us a break from all of the large projects. They also give people who are new to Cross Stitch a chance to try new and different things. Some of them are meant to Challenge all of us to get out of our "comfort" zones when it comes to stitching. I want to try new things in 2015 and I know many others have said they do as well! I am excited to try all of these things and hopefully have some of you trying right along with me  
Every group has their own rules and not everyone will like them but that is something each group must figure out for themselves. I am not a big rule person as I think you have all probably figured out by now so here are my rules for the Stitch A Longs (SAL) Let me know what you think! I am always open to feedback.

Here are my SAL
  1. Have fun! (hangouts increase the amount of fun possible)
  2. If they are designer specific pick something from that designer. (Wips are fine)
  3. If they have a General theme Pick something that represents those themes for you. (Example: if you don't celebrate Christmas do something for your belief system) Yes Wips are fine! See Rule 1.
  4. Start on or around the same time as the rest of us. (no I am not monitoring this nor do I care if you start early or later… See Rule 1)
  5. No you do not have to finish it by a Certain time. (I'm not that crazy cause if I make the rule I have to follow it!)
  6. And once again see Rule 1!!!

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