Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitchwhat's Weekly Newsletter

Hello everyone,

So this week we are traveling to Stitchwhats, on various forms of transportation, be it the train, flying car, or tardis.  We will all be arriving at in the town of StitcheryDo.  Once we reach town, everyone will need to think about how they want to finish this leg of the journey.  You can either ride the enchanted boats across the lake to the school.... Might be a great way to meet some mermaids as they patrol the lake. Or see the hydra who also lives in the lake. You can also take the horseless carriages through the enchanted forest, you could see unicorns, dragons, werewolves, and any other number of magical creatures.  Once we arrive at the school, the sorting will begin.  I know everyone is very excited to be sorted into their houses and start their stitching journey with the school!  I know the school and all of the faculty will be pleased to have new students!  I have heard that there are a great many exciting plans in store for everyone in the coming year!

                                                                        Headmistress Hopeless

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome to Stitchwhats!

Congratulations Stitcher, 

I am happy to inform you that you have been granted acceptance into Stitchwhats! A very prestigious Stitching Academy.  Here at Stitchwhats you will take classes such as; Potion Making (Dying), Defense of the Dark Arts (Frog avoidance), Charms (Beading), Transfiguration (Pattern Modification), History of Magic (Specialty Stitches), Herbology (Specialty Fibers), Astronomy (Sparkle thread and Fabric).

If you accept this invitation you will, of course, be sorted into Houses.  Here at Stitchwhats we have the following houses.

Satindor -  home to the brave and intrepid stitchers who will meet every challenge. 
Froggin - home to the sly and sneaky stitcher who will look for every shortcut and maybe try and play a dirty trick on the other houses.
Rhodesclaw - home to the intelligent stitcher who chooses their projects and battles wisely.
Pufflestitch - home to the studious stitcher who follows the directions precisely at all times.

 The School will be opening on October 1, 2016.  Reserve your bed now!  On October 31st the sorting ceremony will begin!  Stitchers will be sorted into one of the four Stitching houses.  Once Sorted into your House you will be given the password to the House commons for that house.  Each week Houses will earn points towards the house cup.  The house cup will be awarded Quarterly.  Points will be awarded for participation in the group events and challenges.  For example, is you complete a weekly challenge you will earn your team 5 points, If you complete a Monthly challenge you will earn your team 40 points.  If you join a Hangout and participate (you tube or live) you will earn your team 50 points.  SAL Participation will earn 10 points. There will also be special challenges though out the year. 

To accept this invitation to attend Stitchwhats you will need to join the facebook group Cross Stitch, It's Fun and follow the instructions given there.

                                                                               Headmaster Hopeless

Supply List

1 enchanted Needle (your preference on size)
1 pair embroidery scissors
Cauldron (fabric dying)

Text Books
Patterns of your choice
The Cross Stitcher's Bible (recommended, NOT Required)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stitching School???

When we last visited, our friends; Samual Satindor, Freddrick Froggin, Rhonda Rhodesclaw, and Petunia Pufflestitch were thinking of opening their very own enchanted stitching school... But what to teach???  Satindor wanted to teach creativity and daring stitching, Rhodesclaw felt it was essential that stitchers learned the foundations of stitching, Pufflestitch, wanted stitchers to try new things and have fun.  Froggin felt that it was essential that stitchers learn to use only the finest of materials, and except only perfection.  Satindor, Rhodesclaw, and Pufflestitch did not agree with Froggin.  Enchanted stitching is about more than perfection and the quality of your materials.   The four friends decided to compromise, as all wise stitchers would surely do.  The school would offer classes in all of their areas.   Stitchers wishing to join the school would need to be sorted some how in to groups.... But how to sort these stitchers?  That was a new problem that the four friends must tackle now  So we will leave our friends stitching by the fire.  Each was now stitching what would become banners for the groups of stitchers that wished to follow the ways of Satindor, Froggin, Rhodesclaw, and Pufflestitch.  Can they finish these banners before the school opens?  Can they solve the puzzle of how to sort the students that would want to come to their school?  We will have to check back soon to see what they have come up with!