Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitchwhat's Weekly Newsletter

Hello everyone,

So this week we are traveling to Stitchwhats, on various forms of transportation, be it the train, flying car, or tardis.  We will all be arriving at in the town of StitcheryDo.  Once we reach town, everyone will need to think about how they want to finish this leg of the journey.  You can either ride the enchanted boats across the lake to the school.... Might be a great way to meet some mermaids as they patrol the lake. Or see the hydra who also lives in the lake. You can also take the horseless carriages through the enchanted forest, you could see unicorns, dragons, werewolves, and any other number of magical creatures.  Once we arrive at the school, the sorting will begin.  I know everyone is very excited to be sorted into their houses and start their stitching journey with the school!  I know the school and all of the faculty will be pleased to have new students!  I have heard that there are a great many exciting plans in store for everyone in the coming year!

                                                                        Headmistress Hopeless