Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sorting Quiz!

1.     You have picked out a beautiful design to stitch, what fabric do you pick?
1.     14 Count - White (1pt)
2.     18 Count  - Hand dyed (2pt)
3.     28 Count - You custom Dyed it (3pt)
4.     40 Count - Hand dyed (4pt)
2.     You have decided you want a new start what do you pick?
1.     Joan Elliot (1 pt)
2.     Chatelaine (4pt)
3.     Country Cottage or sampler (2pt)
4.     HAED or some other large design (3pt)
3.     It is Thursday Night, CSIF is having their weekly hangout do you....
1.     Join the live hangout to chat and stitch (4pt)
2.     Watch the hangout via YouTube and chat with everyone from there (3pt)
3.     Watch from YouTube but don't participate in the conversation (2pt)
4.     What is a hangout? (1pt)
4.     There is a stitching emergency!  You were all set to start a new project you have everything you need but one color of floss, what do you do?
1.     Race out to the craft store to pick it up. (2pt)
2.     Pull up 1-2-3 Stitch and order the floss and a Few other items (4pt)
3.     Pull out your stash and find an alternative (3pt)
4.     Wait until the next time you are at the store and pick up the color.  (1pt)
5.     How many WIPs do you have approximately?
1.     One WIP is my limit! (4pt)
2.      No more than 5, I swear that is my Limit.... I hope (2pt)
3.      Somewhere under 100, you can't make me count!!!! (3pt)
4.     It's over a 100 and I am proud of it! (1pt)
6.     You need to set up a rotation, you have a goal to finish at least 1 WIP a month for all of 2017 how will you set up your rotation?
1.     Rotation, who came up with that hair brained idea?  (1pt)
2.     I work on what calls me that day, I have one project I try and work on each week. (4pt)
3.     I have a rotation of sorts and try to stick to it. (3pt)
4.     I have a regimented Rotation with detailed plans for each week. (2pt)
7.     It is your day off, you have the house to yourself.  You have set up your stitching supplies and have settled down for a nice day of stitching.... some hours later you realize you are very hungry, what do you do?
1.     Grab some snacks and a beverage to munch on while you stitch. (2pt)
2.     Fix yourself a snack with that won't stain your fabric. (3pt)
3.     Grab a snack while taking a break and bring back a drink in a closed container.  (1pt)
4.     Eat or drink anywhere near my stitching? I don't think so! (4pt)
8.     Headmistress Hopeless will be checking your project what will she find?
1.      1/2 inch border one side, front legs all go the same way, that is what we need right?  (1pt)
2.       2-inch border all the way, the stitches are all uniform, she isn't checking the back right? (2pt)
3.      3-inch border all  around, the stitching is uniform, and the back is mostly good (3pt)
4.      My projects are pristine as always!  The back looks as good as the front, as it should be! (4pt)
9.     If you had your choice what would you do with a kit?
1.     I always follow the directions carefully  (1pt)
2.     I follow the pattern, but if I make a mistake I don't worry too much about it. (2pt)
3.     Follow the pattern?  I just make it up as I go.  (3pt)
4.     I will replace the fabric with what I like, and change out the floss for silk. (4pt)
10.  You were shopping at the local thrift store and found a partially finished project what do you do?
1.     Interesting but not my style so I'll leave it there. (1pt)
2.     What a lovely project but it might be missing something (2 pt)
3.   I'll pick it what a lovely project I shall take it home and give it some love! (3pt)
4.     I don't shop at thrift stores. (4pt)
11.  Headmistress Hopeless has just announced a surprise SAL!!!
1.     I don't really do SALs  (1pt)
2.     I'll take a look at it if I have time I might do it. (2pt)
3.     I can't click the Join button fast enough. (3pt)
4.     Not another Freaking SAL!!! (4pt)


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    1. If you haven't already been sorted Satindor!

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    1. Can you please post on the group so I can add you to the correct list and send you a link to the house.

  3. 32, which is how I like my fabric haha