Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Newsletter ( July 17 - July 23)

Good Morning everyone,

This is going to be a busy stitching week in CSIF.  With the Monthly Challenge, and weekly challenges running. We also have Tour de Stitches going on.  Teams have flying needles!  The progress being made on many projects is amazing.  The Grand Total is 567,830 stitches made by all the teams so far.  To think we aren't even done yet!  This week we will also be introducing another weekly hangout, on Wednesday's  during the day which should be a better time for our European stitchers. This timeframe will be on a trial basis for a few weeks, we may have to tweak.  We will, of course, be continuing the Stitch N' Bitch hangouts on Thursday nights.  All needle craft is welcome!  This week we have the Penguin Sal in honor of Cori's Birthday.
On the Horizon!
    We have several things on the Horizon that everyone should check out!  Next week we have Christmas in July, this is a SAL to start or work on a Christmas project.  We also will see the start of Sweet Summer Escape, this event marks the end of summer.  We also have Book Club next week, the book that is going to be discussed features Cross Stitch so I encourage you to check it out.  As you can tell there will be plenty going on next week in the group.

   A little further out, we have the Stitchylympics!  This event will be in August, primarily there are various events to count stitches and some fun silly events to go with.  The same teams that are competing in Tour will be in the Stitchylympics.  We encourage people to check it out and if you are interested we will make additions to teams after Tour.

Last week we announced a special SAL for Veterans day.  This event will start on August 11 and will run until November 11.  The Idea is to stitch something for a veteran or a veteran's group, charity, or home.  This event has been inspired the veterans who we love and respect in our lives.

Not a member of CSIF (Cross Stitch It's Fun)?  We are found on Facebook ( )  and always happy to have new members!

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