Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2017 CSIF Sals!

This is the list of sals for 2017 so far!  Yes, there will be more.  Stitch as many or as few as you like and wips do count!  

  1. Do you want to Stitch a Snowman? - Stitch something with a snowman in it
  2. I Wish I was on a Beach right now? - Stitch something with a beach theme
  3. Stitch your HEART out - Stitch something to show your love
  4. Love Bites - Subversive valentines Sal
  5. The Birds! - Stitch something with Birds in it or something Alfred Hitchcock inspired.
  6. Pretty in Pink - Stitch with Pink
  7. Ravishing in Red - Stitch with red
  8. Meliciously Hopeless - 7 new starts in 7 days
  9. All Glitters is not gold - Pull out that project with metallics or krinik (glitter shit)
  10. Green with Stitches - Stitch in green or stitch something for St. patties day
  11. The Hangover - Time to finish that project you started last week.
  12. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - Stitch what makes you happy
  13. Mary had a little Lamb - Stitch a lamb (sheep)
  14. Attack of Frogs! - Time to ward off those pesky frogs.  Stitch a cute little frog.
  15. Stitch a Chick - Stitch a baby bird...  easter them maybe?
  16. Chip'n Dale - Stitch something a risqué or stitch the Disney characters. 
  17. Meet you at the Maypole - Stitch a maypole... or something that makes you think of may
  18. The Cali lily's are in Bloom again - if you get the quote you will know what to stitch... (look it up)
  19. No more wire hangers! - if you don't know google it :)  
  20. Kitty! - if you have every been around a 2-year-old you know everything is a Kitty!
  21. Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday. (John Wayne) - Put meaning to the words for you.
  22. Good Morning Starshine the earth says hello - Put meaning to the words for you.
  23. Take me out to the ball game - Baseball theme
  24. You know Ward, you were a bit hard on Beaver last night? - look it up (father's day)
  25. Ode to the Bard - Stitch something Shakespeare-inspired.
  26. The Eagles are coming! - Stitch an eagle or stitch something Hobit inspired.
  27. Keep your HAED's about you - Pull out that HAED or start a new one!
  28. Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bears, picnics.. what's not to love
  29. the Unseen - Put meaning to the words for you. (what do you want to unsee)
  30. Bow down before me! - Stitch something that makes you feel like a King or Queen... Everyone should feel like royalty once in a while.
  31. Dog Days of Summer - Dogs or summer or long dog sampler...
  32. To the Lake! - Lake view?  something you do at the lake?
  33. Horsey! - another homage to our inner child stitch something with a horse or do what the two-year-old is and call your project a horsey for a week :)
  34. Back to School Again! - Stitch something that makes you think of school... or get an early start on teacher appreciation gifts...
  35. Ode to the Working Man - Stitch something in honor of Labor day.  pick a pattern about your profession or the profession of someone you wish to honor.
  36. Harvest of Stitches - Harvest theme!
  37. I've got a lovely bunch of Pumpkins  - Pumpkins!
  38. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! - pumpkins or Halloween, or even Charlie Brown
  39. And I Jack the Pumpkin King! - Halloween!
  40. The lovely corpse Bride - Halloween!
  41. Coraline Jones - Halloween
  42. Zombie Stitchplypse - Time to break out the scary stuff... or hurry to finish that Halloween project
  43. This is Halloween! - What the heck!  start another Halloween project or just finish up the ones you already have going.
  44. Land of the Free because of the Brave - Stitch something for those that have served the military.  Family, Friends, or something for a veterans charity.
  45. I'll See you in December (Fractal) - Fractal
  46. Gobble, Gobble - Turkey time
  47. Baby, its cold outside - Christmas!
  48. Winter wonderland - Winter
  49. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - Hanukkah
  50. I'll be home for Christmas - Christmas
  51. Merry Christmas? Who needs sleep. - let's finish up those Christmas presents!
  52. Do unto Others (Charity SAL) - Pick a Charity to stitch something for.

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