Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How we get it all done.

Hi all! It's time once again for Tip Tuesday!!

As you have seen Charity, myself and the rest of the MOD Squad have been deep in the planning trenches getting ready for 2017. There are a lot of SALs and events planned for next year; I bet you are all wondering how do we keep it all straight?

Not an actual picture of mine but pretty close to what it looked like,
Well for me in the beginning it wasn't easy. I did the post it method. My desk, computer, and work area (I even started to encroach on my husbands desk area) was covered in post it notes.

When I got more involved with helping Charity plan for the group my post it note ode to Andy Warhol got bigger and more confusing. I started missing SALs, and let's not mention how many appointments were all of a sudden "spur of the moment" because that post it had been covered by another.

Charity's Happy Planner and desk calendar 
One morning I was hanging out with Charity and she told me about this new planner she was now using to help keep organized with everything she had to do for school. And lo and behold the Happy Planner entered my life. I did have to wait to get one from when she told me about them until the new 2016/2017 were in stores.

Front of my Happy Planner with an owl cover made by Charity
  Isn't it just the cutest?! This lovely, amazing, super customizable little jem has made all the differnce. Gone are the days of missing anything. The best part is it is 18 months so not only do I use it for the group but also for life in general. No more "Hey mom today is the field trip" morning greetings for me!
Example of a layout, yes this makes sense to me
 Most of the layouts that we use are freebies and if they are not freebies Charity makes them. She has even created stickers that we use to keep daily group things on schedule, like Tip Tuesday, WIP Wednesday and the like. They come in very handy for the Daily Topic.
 And that explains the mystery of how we do it all!!!!! Ooooohhhhh what's this? A bit of future planning for 2017?!
And so it begins!!!!!

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