Monday, July 25, 2016

Tour de Stitches wrap up

 First I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us in this event.  In total, we had 66 stitchers who participated on the 8 teams.  I would also like to thank the Team Captains for all of their help!  The goal of this years event was not only to count stitches but also to make new friends. I hope that everyone enjoyed the event and from the looks of it everyone got a lot of stitching done! Now the counts are in and have been tallied!

Team scores:
1st Place : Team Aphrodite  with 206,442 stitches.
2nd Place: Team Apollo with 166,769 stitches.
3rd Place: Team Demeter with 130,573 stitches
4th Place: Team Zeus with 120,728 stitches
5th Place: Team Ares with 105,613 stitches
6th Place: Team Dionysus with 89,143 stitches
7th Place: Team Hephaestus with 84,284 stitches
8th Place: Team  Hera with 75,547 stitches

Individual scores:
1st Place : Susanna Rosencrantz with 89,773 stitches
2nd Place: Fatema Yahya with 74,633 stitches
3rd Place: Cori Jodoin with 65,285 stitches
4th Place: Christine Hennesey with 38,073 stitches
5th Place: Carol Eckert Strawn with 33,221 stitches
6th Place: Virpi Rantakangas with 30,920 stitches
7th Place: Amy Lafferty with 29,318 stitches
8th Place: Mary Perry with 28,832 stitches
9th Place: Tiffany Peterson with 28,764 stitches
10th Place: Charity Mannix 22,692 stitches

Over the entire event, 979,099  stitches were stitched!  That is approximately 815 skeins of floss! That is almost 3.7 miles of stitches!  Togeather we stitched enough stitches for complete 11 mini HAEDs or 2 full size HAEDs!

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