Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Quidditch Cup is coming to Stitchwhats!

Good Day Stitchers!

I wanted to let you in on the latest event coming to Stitchwhats!  Starting in August the houses will be competing in a school wide Quidditch tournament!

The Rules:
  1. Must be a Sports piece
  2. Must be Submitted and approved by the Headmistress  Deputy Headmistress, or Head of House.
    1. To submit a piece post a picture of what the finished piece will look like  and your starting point. There will be a thread for Submissions.
  3. Must post a starting picture.
  4. Post Progress pictures at least twice a week.

The Game:

Each house will be competing against each other.  The event will run from August 1 through September 3. Points will be awarded for the Total number of stitches as well as Finishes.  Each team will receive additional points if they Win the game for the week.

  • Each team will get 10 pts for every 100 stitches put in.
  • Each team will get 20 pts for every Finished Object.
  • Winning team each week will get an additional 100 pts. (Catching the Snitch)
  • Finals
    • 1st place will win 100 pts for their team in the house cup
    • 2nd place will win 75 pts for their team in the house cup
    • 3rd place will win 50 pts for their team in the house cup
    • 4th place will win 25 pts for their team in the house cup

  • Week 1 (Aug 1 - Aug 8):
    • Froggin Vs. Pufflestitch
    • Satindor vs. Rhodesclaw
  • Week 2 (Aug 9 - Aug 15):
    • Froggin Vs. Satindor
    • Pufflestitch Vs. Rhodesclaw
  • Week 3 (Aug 16 - Aug 22):
    • Pufflestich Vs. Froggin
    • Rhodesclaw Vs. Satindor
  • Week 4: (Aug 23 - Aug 29):
    • Pufflestich Vs. Rhodesclaw
    • Satindor Vs. Froggin
  • Week 5: (Aug 30 - Sep 3) Finals!!
    • 1st Vs. 2nd
    • 3rd Vs. 4th

  • What constitutes a stitch?
    • Full cross, bead, specialty, backstitch all count as one stitch
    • Tent for this event counts as ½ a stitch.
  • Can I stitch on multiple projects?
    • Yes and No.  Let me clarify, You can only stitch on one project for this event unless you finish it and need to start another.  The new project will need to be submitted and approved before it will count toward the game.

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